Nathalie Nadal-Olivié Abstract Art Gallery is located at the entrance of the charming village of Biot, 56th Saint-Sebastian Street. A huge car parking has been recently built and offers more than 300 places 150 meters away from the Gallery. Nathalie Nadal-Olivié Art Gallery presents Masterpieces of the Painter Nathalie Nadal-Olivié close to the pittoresque Village of Biot.

Nathalie Nadal-Olivié Abstract Art Gallery presents her abstract works in the heart of a beautiful authentic vaulted room where each painting expresses with strength the talent and inspiration of the artist.

The Artist highlights his Painting techniques with a knife on various supports such as plexiglass, natural linen canvas, cotton canvas with multiple inclusions: rock crystal, glass, molded wood with the aim of the gushing expression of his emotions. Discover or acquire one of his works on ART MAJEUR.

Acrylique sur Toile
80 x 100 cm

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Acrylic knife painting

Acrylic painting with a knife is a technique which, when it is as well mastered as by the Artist Painter Nathalie Nadal-Olivié , makes it possible to sculpt the painting to reveal its fullness, borders and various forms. The paint is then "compressed" against the support and gives rise to surfaces, lines and contours in relief. Each line becomes an imprint and each imprint an emotion. The keys are then precise or light, strong or airy, deep or tinged with delicacy.

Acrylic painting on Plexiglas